The PS4 release time for Fall Guys has now passed after the game was initially released on Steam.

This means that PS4 users can now download Fall Guys for free provided they boast a PS Plus subscription.

In order to download the game, all you need to do is follow the below steps:

  • Open the PSN Store
  • Proceed to PS Plus
  • Select Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout and download

Original story:

The August 2020 PS Plus games have been revealed and arguably the most exciting is the crazy multiplayer game, Fall Guys. This releases on August 4th for both regular PS4 users as well as those with a PS Plus subscription, but it also launches on Steam for PC. With the game having gathered a huge following thanks to betas and its sheer wackiness, it’s understandable that people are seeking answers concerning its release time so they know exactly when it comes out.

Fall Guys is a multiplayer game in which you battle against 60 other players in whacky rounds and games typical to Total Wipeout here in the UK, or the more famous Takeshi’s Castle. Only you play as these really cute jelly beans that you can customise.

It looks to be a lot of fun for even those who don’t typically enjoy multiplayer games, and here you’ll discover everything we know about its release time for PS4 and Steam.

Fall Guys PS4 price

You’ll be able to get Fall Guys on PS4 for the additional price of nothing provided you have a PS Plus subscription.

There’s no price listed on the PS4 as of yet for those who don’t have a subscription, but Fall Guys is listed on Steam for £15.99 (collector’s edition £23.99).

As for what you can expect from your purchase, the game’s official Twitter account has confirmed that there will be 25 levels at launch and that new levels, modes, costumes, and features will be added post-launch.

In regard to costumes, in an AMA on Reddit the developers did tease that there will be PS4 IP costumes available to get sometime after its release.

What is the release time for Fall Guys?

No release time has been shared for Fall Guys on either PS4 or Steam yet.

Fall Guys will release on August 4th for both PS4 and Steam, but no launch time has been mentioned leaving us to simply predict.

As of writing (09:00 on August 3rd), Steam suggests the game will unlock in approximately 22 hours which could suggest that the game will be available at 07:00 BST.

We don’t know if this applies to PS4, but the game should be able via PS Plus when the store updates and the games rotate on August 4th.

This means PS Plus users only have so many hours left to grab Rise of The Tomb Raider, NBA 2K20, and Erica for free.

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