Hundreds of people are reporting they are being banned from Pokimane servers for mentioning LeafyIsHere or his recent ‘Content Nuke’ video.

On July 30, controversial YouTuber LeafyIsHere posted a new video titled ‘Content Nuke: Pokimane’ where he made fun of the Twitch streamer and her followers in his signature satirical manner.

The video itself currently has over 1.6 million views on YouTube and has appeared several times on the websites Trending page.

In the video, Leafy states that he thinks Pokimane censors the internet and publicly removes criticisms to maintain her image. Understandably, there has been a considerable backlash against the topics discussed in the video from her fans and other streamers.

However, there are now reports circulating online that users are being banned from Pokimane servers and communities just for mentioning Leafy or his recent video.

Banned for saying ‘Leafy’ on Pokimane servers…

  • At the time of writing, hundreds of people on Twitter are claiming that they have been banned from Pokimane servers for mentioning Leafy or the ‘Content Nuke’ video.

Many of these claims are being posted with videos of the posting/ban taking place, some within just a few seconds of the comment being posted.

The bans are not only being reported for the Pokimane Discord server but also the r/Pokimane and r/offlineTV subreddits. However, it is unclear at this time whether any of these reports are true.

Leafy has himself just addressed this in a new video ‘Content Fallout – Pokimane’, where he says: “Apparently if you mention my name in Pokimanes Discord, you get banned. I don’t know if that is actually true or not.”

The YouTuber goes on to discuss that whilst this could also just be spam filter or false accusations of deleting comments, he doubts it.

“Who knows if that’s actually true or not, I would put money down that it is true. But hey, that’s just me.” – LeafyIsHere.

Keemstar banned list update…

On August, fellow YouTuber Keemstar posted on his Twitter an image of words he claims are banned on Pokimanes discord server.

According to Keemstar, he has “had Pokiman’s mods on a payroll for months” and that the following words are banned on the servers.

We will bring you updates on the situation as more information comes out.

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