Call Of Duty Warzone Season 5 kicks off on August 5th. It’ll be another big download for fans of Activision’s shooter, but – unlike prior patches – there could be a host of changes to its map. We haven’t really received any significant map changes for Warzone (especially when compared to other games such as Fortnite), but there could be some significant alterations with Season 5 such as the stadium and how it appears set to open.

It has been rumoured that Season 5 for Call Of Duty Warzone will move away from the Modern Warfare aesthetic to become more aligned with the yet to be announced Black Ops Cold War.

We don’t know if the above is official as of yet, but teasers from Activision have suggested that there are significant map changes on the horizon. And no, the stadium opening isn’t the only thing to anticipate.

What are the map changes for Warzone Season 5?

Map changes for Call Of Duty Warzone season 5 could include a loot-filled train that always circles the battlefield.

There’s also been rumours that the map is going to receive these changes from being nuked, so there’s the possibility of that happening in Warzone Season 5 as well.

The Call Of Duty community found a nuke inside Bunker 10 during Season 4, and ever since then there has been speculation about when and if it will be utilised.

As for the loot-filled train, there was a teaser from Activision shared by Call Of Duty News on Twitter.

In addition to the above teaser, the same Twitter account posted another which appears to shown an explosion inside the Verdansk stadium.

Will the CoD Warzone stadium open?

It appears that the Call Of Duty Warzone stadium will be open in Season 5.

There’s many reasons to believe that the Call Of Duty Warzone stadium will open in Season 5, but the biggest hint is a tweet from the series’ official Twitter account.

As you can see from the tweet above, there’s an image of the Verdansk arena with the following message:

“Our doors are open to ideas.”

If the above pun doesn’t mean that the stadium will open in Season 5, then Activision will have succeeded in pulling our legs.

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