Coronavirus may have delayed production on the Superstore season 5 finale, but will the show return for a season 6?

NBC’s hilarious sitcom, Superstore, has had fans in fits of laughter ever since it first premiered in 2015.

The show follows a group of employees at a store 1217 of the fictional chain ‘Cloud 9’. Sporting an all-star cast and a working environment that many of us can relate to, Superstore has been a staple show on NBC for years.

However, after the recent finale of season 5 was delayed and forcing a reshuffle of production, fans were concerned that the show may never return.

Has Superstore been renewed or cancelled?

  • Fans of Superstore will be happy to hear that the show has been renewed by NBC for a sixth season.

Season 5 did have a slight fall in both ratings and viewers, but the show still maintains a respectable 2.83 million average audience.

Fans had previously been sceptical about whether or not the series would return for season 6 after reports circulated that leading actress America Ferrera would be leaving the show.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly back in February, Ferrera said: “The last five years on Superstore have been some of the most rewarding, enriching and enjoyable years of my career.”

“As I start the next chapter for my family and career, I wish only the best, and much continued success, to my beloved Superstore family.” – America Ferrera.

However, Ferrera then revealed in March that they weren’t able to film the final episode of season 5. After a quick reshuffle with production, the episode 21 of the series became the fifth season finale and Ferrera would bid farewell to the show in the season 6 premiere.

When will season 6 be released?

  • At the time of writing, an official release date for Superstore season 6 has not been revealed by NBC.

Unfortunately, with production halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, don’t expect it to be released for a meaningful period of time.

Fans are hoping for a return to store 1217 in November 2020. However, a more realistic estimation would be early-2021 if the production isn’t able to resume shortly.

Superstore season 6: Plot

  • It has to be said, the cast and crew have done a good job at keeping their lips sealed about the plot for season 6.

However, knowing that Amy will be leaving in the first episode, we can guess that the story will revolve around filling her role – either a character getting promoted to her position or the role within the social dynamic.

Amy is also currently dating her colleague Jonah and we don’t know what her leaving could do to their relationship.

Season 5 of Superstore is available from NBC and is also available to purchase on Amazon Prime.

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