It’s felt like a lifetime but Solo Leveling has finally premiered chapter 111 after the season 2 release date was officially confirmed last week.

There are very few novel adaptations that have had more hype and expectation leading up to a premiere than that of Solo Leveling.

The rumours, leaks, fake news and everything in between made July a very confusing month for expecting fans.

However, the hit series Solo Leveling season 2 is finally back with a bang, here is everything you need to know about the release date for chapters 111-113.

Solo Leveling chapter 111 release date and time…

  • Solo Leveling season 2, chapter 111 released at midnight (KST) on August 1, 2020.

It’s been a strange, rumour-filled few weeks for fans of Solo Leveling. First, in mid-July, we had a leak from the Chinese distributor of Solo Leveling that revealed Jin-Woo would return in August. However, this was never officially confirmed and it only meant that translated copies would be coming at some time within the month.

Then last week we had the official teaser for chapter 111 being released, as well as several Twitter posts reporting an August 1 premiere.  

To be honest, this is a much quicker turnaround than most of us were expecting for season 2. When chapter 110 ended and D&C Webtoons revealed they would “return after a short break”, I was expecting a November 2020 or even January 2021 premiere. Obviously, I’m not complaining – this is just proof of how popular the story has become and how much talent the creators have.

Solo Leveling chapter 112 release date and time…

  • Solo Leveling chapter 112 also released at midnight (KST) on August 1, with translations for quickly becoming available online afterwards.

We had originally thought that the release schedule was going to be pretty similar to that of season 1, with raw chapters releasing weekly at approximately 3 PM GMT / 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST / 12 AM KST, followed by translated versions several hours later.

Thankfully, that does not seem to be the case, at least with the first two chapters – so keep checking back in for updates.

Solo Leveling chapter 113 release date and time…

  • Solo Levelling chapter 113 released on Wednesday, 5 August at midnight (KST).

It seems that the release schedule for season 2 has been moved from Saturday to Wednesday. However, this official schedule change hasnot been officially confirmed.

Solo Leveling anime adaptation?

  • Fans have been begging for someone to adapt Solo Leveling into an anime series, but there are no current plans to adapt the story.

There are three reasons why Solo Leveling would be a superb anime: 1) The audience for the series would be massive, 2) The character development is excellent and, 3) The action sequences are epic. There, that’s surely enough, right?

Fans have been begging any animation studio to pick up Solo Leveling for an anime series for a while now. However, all remains quiet in regards to a full-backed adaptation. The hope is that after season 2 is completed, a studio would have enough material to create a dedicated anime run and would take the pressure off the creators for a third season of the novel.

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