There will be a global makeup for Pokémon Go Fest in August due to issues that occurred, but – despite these problems – the community is to thank for the current Dragon Week that everyone is enjoying. This Dragon Week provides players with a bunch of tasks and rewards to complete, and it also gives players the chance to catch a shiny Deino. Here you’ll discover how to catch a shiny Deino and how to evolve it into Hydreigon.

Once Dragon Week comes to an end on August 7th at 13:00 PT, 16:00 ET, and 21:00 BST, the communtiy will have Enigma Week and then Unova Week to conclude the month. Much like Niantic’s current seven day event, these upcoming weeks will provide players with new shinies to catch including Staryu and Boldore.

But, before these weeks come about, here you’ll discover how to catch shiny Deino in Pokémon Go, and how to evolve it into Hydreigon.

How to catch shiny Deino in Pokémon Go

You have the chance to get and catch shiny Deino in Pokémon Go during Dragon Week.

In order to possibly get shiny Deino in Pokémon Go, you’ll want to complete the Dragon Week tasks and rewards as you’ll be rewarded with an encounter twice.

It’s possible that you’ll encounter a shiny version of the creature by completing the tasks and rewards, but the Dragon-type will also be hatching from 7KM eggs but only if you’re lucky.

You can also maybe encounter it in the wild, but the community is complaining about this being incredibly rare.

For the 7KM eggs, other Pokémon that will more likely pop out include Horsea, Dratini, Trapinch, Swablu, and Bagon. Gible could also appear as well, but – again – only if luck is on your side.

And, aside from shiny Deino, there’s also the release of shiny Zwelious and Hydreigon.

Pokémon Go: How to evolve Deino into Hydreigon

To evolve Deino into Hydreigon in Pokémon Go, you must first transform it into Zwelious with 25 candy.

Once Deino has been transformed into Zwelious, you can then evolve Zwelious into Hydreigon with 100 candy (via Pokémon Go Info).

Shiny versions of all the aforementioned Dragon-type Pokémon have made their debut for Dragon Week, so now is your best to chance to get them.

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