Everyone knows that TikTok star Addison Rae is best friends with none other than Kourtney Kardashian – but what was that bizarre Instagram caption all about?

After meeting through her son Mason, Kourtney and Addison are definite besties. They’ve featured on each other’s Instagram’s a lot, as well as filming TikTok’s together, hanging out at the pool, and even going out for dinner in Malibu.

With a pretty big age gap, the friendship is rather unlikely, but the pair seem to get on really well nonetheless. Although fans think the 19-year-old TikTok star might be getting a little too close to Kourtney’s family after she posted a really strange Instagram caption.


Kourtney posted a strange caption on Instagram

Kourtney took to Instagram yesterday (July 31st) to post another picture with her new bestie Addison.

The pair are sitting at a table with a beautiful view over the sea behind them, both wearing similar bandanas and matching tops in pink and blue. Kourtney is sat smiling and looking down whilst Addison looks straight at the camera with a huge smile.

But it wasn’t actually the photo that caught the attention of millions of Instagram users, it was the caption. The caption said: “My husband’s girlfriend and I exchanging stories.”

Kourtney’s long term ex-husband and father of her children is Scott Disick. So is the Kardashian sister implying that Addison is dating Scott?

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Fans on Twitter were very confused

After seeing the post, many fans took to Twitter to talk about just how confused they were after seeing the bizarre caption.

“Wait @ScottDisick is dating @WhoIsAddison,” said one person. Whilst another said: “Can any Kardashian fan explain me this? How the f*ck is @WhoIsAddison dating @ScottDisick and why as usual @KourtneyKardash is being best friends with her husband’s girlfriends.”

It’s safe to say the Instagram post has left everyone really confused. So is Addison Rae dating Scott Disick?

Is Addison Rae dating Scott Disick?

So now everyone has been left wondering if it’s actually true. And the answer is, probably not.

Just a few weeks ago on July 17th, Addison uploaded a video to her TikTok where she can be seen dancing with Scott, so they’ve definitely been hanging out. But it’s highly unlikely that they’re actually dating.

On July 15th, TikTok star Bryce Hall posted some cryptic messages onto his social media about Addison Rae, as well as posting a cosy photo of them both onto his Instagram, leading many to believe that they are dating.

The pair briefly dated back in 2019 before calling it off. But now they’ve been seen having dinner together, holding hands and getting very cosy in public. So if Addison is dating anyone, it’s likely to be Bryce Hall not Scott Disick.

And Kourtney’s Instagram post was probably just a joke!

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