There’s been a lot of speculation concerning the mystery of Dr. Disrespect and why he has been banned from Twitch, but there’s also been speculation concerning the whereabouts of Shroud. People are asking where has Shroud been and where is he streaming now, and – while not all of these questions can be answered – his first tweet in over a month teases what’s next.

Aside from the internet’s greatest mystery which is the removal of Dr. Disrespect from Twitch, many people have been interested about the whereabouts of Ninja and Shroud. This is because while Ninja has been highly visible still on social media platforms while talking about the likes of Joe Rogan, they were both a part of Mixer which was killed by Microsoft.

But, away from Ninja and his plans, lots of people simply want to know where has Michael Grzesiek been and where is he streaming now.

Where has Shroud been?

Shroud has been taking a break from social media and streaming while figuring out his next steps.

He announced on June 22nd that he was figuring out his next steps, and no one had heard from Shroud on Twitter until July 31st.

The reason he needed to figure out his future is because of the death of Mixer at the hands of Microsoft.

Microsoft killed Mixer to put all of their eggs into Facebook Gaming, and this resulted in contracts with the now deceased platform being cut short.

Again, no one had heard from Shroud on Twitter for over a month, but he has now posted a cryptic tweet which teases what’s next.

Where is Shroud streaming now?

We don’t know where Shroud will be streaming post-Mixer, but he has posted a cryptic tweet which has resulted in plenty of theories.

Some fans believe that the cryptic tweet and gif means Shroud has pulled the trigger on a return to Twitch, but there’s nothing in the tease which specially points to the streaming platform.

Meanwhile, in regard to games, Essentially Sports notes that there’s a reflection of Omen which points to Valorant.

This could suggest a Valorant stream in the near future, but we’ll just have to be patient and wait for concrete answers.

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