Taylor Swift surprised fans when she dropped album Folklore and now her lyrics on Betty mean she’s being linked with a saying online.

But what does “listen to Girl In Red” mean? It’s one of the many fan theories which have popped up from the unexpected release.

Although Taylor’s albums are always dotted with many opportunities for a conspiracy, this time it is track Betty which has sent fans into overdrive.

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What does listen to girl in red mean?

  • Asking if someone “listens to girl in red” has become code for asking if they’re gay, or more specifically attracted to girls.

The phrase has been around on the internet for some time but is based on the name of a singer from Norway.

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Girl In Red is a singer, real name Marie Ulven Ringheim. She’s released dozens of songs but her most well known is I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend.

Although previously revealing on social media that she is gay, the star has said several times that her music is not only for lesbian listeners.

How does this link to Taylor Swift?

The fan theory relates back to Taylor’s alleged romance with model Karlie Kloss. Both of the women have insisted that they’re just friends, reports Elite Daily.

However that hasn’t stopped some people on Twitter theorising that Taylor’s new song Betty is about her and Karlie.

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In the song Taylor singer from the perspective of James (she was named after James Taylor) to a woman called Betty, which is a nickname for Karlie’s middle name Elizabeth.

This has caused many to become convinced the tune is an ode to Karlie and say that instead of asking “do you listen to lady in red”, it should be “do you listen to Taylor Swift”?

Has the Girl In Red commented on the saying before?

Yes. The singer said she believes her music should be enjoyed by everyone no matter their sexuality in March 2020, reports Distractify.

Taking to Instagram Girl In Red quoted a tweet she had received about her music which read: “even tho i’m not gay, I like this song a lot”.

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She added: “Tbh it’s so annoying cause its like u feel the need to distance urself from music in fear of being associated with something remotely queer as that would be a bad thing, whoops tea”.

Thousands of Girl In Red’s fans replied, supporting her music and agreeing that people should just love whatever music they enjoy.

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