With current buzz surrounding UFC 4 and its dazzling new Career Mode, many fans are wondering whether the game will be released on PC.

The UFC series of licensed MMA fighting titles has proven popular in recent years, and with all of the changes coming in the newest installment, now seems like the perfect time to shake up the franchise and rethink its traditional release rules.

Thus far, no UFC game has been released on computer, whether through Steam or EA’s Origin. IBut will this change with UFC 4?

EA Sports

Will UFC 4 be on PC?

Bad news. According to EA, UFC 4 will only release on Xbox One and PS4, and will not release on either PC or Switch.

In an FAQ on the game’s website, EA says:

Will you have UFC 4 on Switch or PC?
No, there are currently no plans to have UFC 4 on PC or Switch.

This is bad news for anyone who hoped to see the title on computer. It’s difficult to tell why EA is so hesitant to release the UFC 4, or other games in the series, on PC. This could be the result of a licensing deal, or it could simply be that EA has conducted some market research and feels that the game isn’t a good fit for the platform.

EA Sports

Will the game release on next-gen consoles?

The good news is that while UFC won’t release on PC, it does appear to be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The ESRB has rated the game for release on the next-gen consoles (it received an unsurprising Teen rating), so while EA hasn’t made an official announcement yet, one will likely be forthcoming.

Fans can hold onto the little bit of hope that EA might change their minds about UFC 4 on PC, but given that there doesn’t exist an ESRB rating for the game on that platform, it’s likely not coming any time soon.

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