Tony Lopez has been the subject of another internet scandal as a rumour spread yesterday that the TikTok star had died. But don’t worry, it’s fake news.

With over 20 million followers, Tony Lopez is a hugely popular TikTok star and is well loved by his fans. So when rumours began emerging that he was dead, Twitter went into meltdown.

But the rumours are actually just fake news, don’t worry he isn’t dead. It’s just another silly internet storm – and Tony even laughed at it himself!

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Who is Tony Lopez?

Tony Lopez is an American social media personality who rose to fame through TikTok.

The 20-year-old from Las Vegas has over 20 million followers on TikTok and 7 million on Instagram, popular for his dance videos and good looks.

He is also part of the popular duo the Lopez Brothers, a 1.7 million subscriber YouTube channel that he has with his brother Ondreas where they film challenge videos and pranks.

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Rumours started circling that Tony Lopez was dead

On Thursday, social media went into panic as rumours started spreading that Tony Lopez was dead. But don’t worry, it was fake news.

After it went viral on Twitter, many fake news sites started covering the story. One said: “The TikTok Star Tony Lopez was found dead in an ally way of LA. He was stabbed twice in the leg and arm.” Yeah, doesn’t sound very legit.

Others started spreading a rumour that he had died in a car crash, but that one isn’t true either.

Then Tony posted a new TikTok video, and was active on social media, so people on Twitter started getting really confused about the rumours, saying things like “why do people think you are dead” and “yo @lopez_tony so apparently you’re dead?”

Tony made a joke out of it on Twitter

Then, Tony Lopez himself saw the rumours and decided to address it on his own Twitter. He said:

Tony of course just laughed about the situation, finding it utterly hilarious and using the Skeleton emoji to symbolise his own death.

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