The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to come out in the Holiday 2020 period and there’s rumours of a State Of Play event for August 6th. While we don’t yet know if the August 6th event is legitimately happening or not, what we can tell you is that Sony has announced their first couple of ready for PS5 TVs. Here you’ll discover what that exactly means, what the price is, and how you can buy.

We cannot pre-order the PS5 as of yet, but – if the August 6th event does happen – then it’s possible we could be able to pre-order it as early as next month. This would be fantastic news as the cost of the system has been a question on every lip, and with a predicted November release people want to know sooner rather than later.

Although we cannot accurately say what the cost of Sony’s next-gen system will be, we do know the prices for their ready-made TVs and – as you’d expect – they’re pretty hefty.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

What is a ready for PS5 TV?

A “ready for PlayStation 5” TV is a Sony model that has gaming-friendly specs and special integration with the console.

These ready for PS5 TVs will basically support 4K, 8K, and 120fps gaming, and they also come with Bravia Game Mode.

As for what this means, it basically allows you to wake both the PS5 and TV up simultaneously with a single press of a button on the DualShock 5.

Not only that, but the Sony website also boasts about multi-dimensional sound, and captivating gaming contrast caused by Sony’s Full Array LED which makes darker areas darker and lighter areas lighter to reveal every spec of detail.

While the TVs undoubtedly look gorgeous, you need more than a couple of pounds and dollars to buy one.

How to buy a ready for PS5 TV

You can buy a ready for PS5 TV for £1,299.00.

This is the XH90/92 Sony model, and you can buy the ready for PS5 TV over on Sony’s website by clicking “where to buy”.

The other available option is a ZH8 and this costs a staggering £5,999.00. It comes with 8K as opposed to 4K, and will make your jaw drop with its stunning visuals.

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