Pokémon Go’s Dragon Week is upon us, and with it comes the opportunity for many players to finally get their hands on the elusive Shedding Pokémon Scraggy, and its evolution, Scrafty.

While this Dark/Dragon-type is not a new addition to Pokémon Go, until now it has only been available as a reward in the Battle League. As such, this will be the first opportunity for many players to catch it.

For Dragon Week, Scraggy will also be available as the Research Breakthrough Pokémon, giving far more players the opportunity to get their hands on it.

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How to get Scraggy in Pokémon Go

Scraggy will be available as the Research Breakthrough Pokémon from 9pm BST (1pm PDT, 4pm EST) on 1st August through the entire month of August.

To earn a chance to catch Scraggy, players will need to earn seven Field Research stamps by completing Field Research quests. You can only earn one stamp a day, so this process will take a minimum of seven days.

Once you’ve gained all seven stamps, you’ll trigger a Research Breakthrough, and the Pokémon Scraggy will appear. This Pokémon won’t run away, so you have as long as you want to catch it provided you don’t run out of Pokéballs.

How to evolve Scraggy into Scrafty

The good news is that evolving Scraggy into its evolution, Scrafty, is relatively straightforward. Use 50 Scraggy candies to evolve it the same way most evolutions work in Pokémon Go.

The challenge is actually getting 50 Scraggy candies. This is going to be a slow process, as the Pokémon is rare, making it hard to find additional items.

You won’t be able to mulch down spare Scraggies, so the best way to earn the candies is to make it your buddy and walk around until it’s picked up extra candies at random.

Once you have fifty Scraggy candies, you can use them to evolve it into Scrafty, adding two new Pokédex entries to your Pokémon Go account.

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