A strange new filter is going viral on TikTok, but you actually have to go on Snapchat to get it – here’s exactly how.

TikTok is a weird and wonderful place. Some videos are actually really impressive, and take a lot of time and effort to produce. Others, are just absolutely pointless, and that’s exactly the case with this new trend.

A boy has gone viral on TikTok for using a bizarre Snapchat filter that turns you into noodles, or spaghetti. No one really knows which one it’s supposed to be, but it’s really weird nonetheless.

And if you want to give it a go, then here’s exactly how to find the filter.

Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A TikTok user went viral with his noodle video

A TikTok user posted a video on July 16th, unaware of how popular it would become.

The video consists of a boy using a specific filter that makes it look like you are made of noodles or spaghetti. Strange right?

Well the video got almost 300,000 views and 64,000 likes, and the TikTok user even changed his account name to @OfficialNoodleBoy.

Now people won’t leave Noodle Boy alone

Over two weeks later and the noodle video is still proving to be pretty popular.

In fact, it’s so popular that @OfficialNoodleBoy has had to make a comedic follow-up TikTok asking people to stop watching the noodle video.

He said: “Stop watching the noodle video it’s just not funny anymore. Every time I go on TikTok and I see I got 30 likes I’m like maybe somebody liked that funny, well thought out comedic skit that I made. Nope, It’s the noodle video.” Yep, TikTok is a strange place.

And seeing as the filter isn’t actually on TikTok, a lot of people have also been asking him where to find the filter – and we’ve got the answer.

How to get the Noodle Filter on TikTok

The filter isn’t actually on TikTok, it’s on Snapchat, and here’s how to find it,

First, open the Snapchat app and scan this snapcode with the camera. You’ll need to hold down on the snap code and then press ‘unlock for 48 hours’.

Now, the filter will be one of your saved filters. Simply film your video, save it and upload to TikTok!

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