A challenge is going viral on TikTok that involves a girl kissing their best guy friend – and the reactions are adorable!

TikTok’s latest challenge could go two ways. It could either go really well and be totally cute, or it could all go wrong and be really awkward. But either way, it’s still really entertaining to watch.

The Kissing My Best Friend Challenge is one of TikTok’s most popular trends, and there are some really cute reactions. Do you have a friend who you actually have a secret crush on? Then give this challenge a go.

What is the Kissing Best Friend Challenge?

A challenge has been making its way round TikTok for a while now that involves doing something either really cute or super awkward.

It’s called the Kissing Best Friend Challenge, and as you’d expect, you have to kiss your best friend. The challenge usually involves a girl kissing their guy best friend, but it could work with anyone really.

This challenge certainly has some mixed reactions. Some of the videos are really cute, and reveal that the friends actually liked each other all along. Adorable! But if the person you’re kissing doesn’t fancy you back, they might not have such a great response.

It’s one of TikTok’s most popular challenges

It’s existed on the app for a pretty long time, and the Kissing My Best Friend trend is definitely one of TikTok’s most popular challenges. But it certainly seems to be resurfacing again in July 2020.

The hashtag #KissingMyBestFriendChallenge has had 27.3 million views, and it’s safe to say a lot of people love it.


so… i saw this trend on tik tok and i decided to kiss my bestfriend.. like for a part 2. 😳 #fyp #kissedmybestfriend

♬ death bed (coffee for your head) – Powfu & beabadoobee

And it’s going viral on Twitter

It’s not just on TikTok that people are loving the challenge either, with many taking to Twitter to talk about just how sweet the trend is.

One Twitter user said: “The ‘kissing my best friend’ trend on tiktok is elite. strangers giving me a little splash of dopamine with every video.”

Another said: “I’m not gonna lie, that kissing your best friend challenge is kinda f*cken cute. Except the ones that get turned down.”

So what do you think, are you ready to give this challenge a try?

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