Ubisoft have confirmed that Hyper Scape will be on Xbox One and PS4 when it launches.

The release date for Season 1 of Hyper Scape on Xbox One and PS4, as well as PC, is August 11th.

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After numerous leaks about Ubisoft’s first Battle Royale game, the studio most known for Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry finally announced what is now officially known as Hyper Scape. Lots of people have been asking is Hyper Scape on Xbox One and PS4, and here you’ll discover when it’s planned to be coming out.

For those unaware, Hyper Scape is a Battle Royale game that will feature over 100 players split into squads of three or solo. Its integration of Twitch has been praised and there are said to be many other fresh and unique ideas that will help it stand apart from the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

It will be free-to-play when it eventually launches, but will it be on Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Is Hyper Scape on Xbox One and PS4?

Yes, Hyper Scape will be on Xbox One and PS4 when Ubisoft’s Battle Royale is released.

However, the Hyper Scape closed technical beta test is not on Xbox One and PS4 as it’s only available for PC players in certain regions.

The Ubisoft website doesn’t mention next-gen platforms, but the game’s Senior Producer, Graeme Jennings, has reportedly said that there are next-gen discussions amongst the development team without any solidified plans.


When is Hyper Scape coming out?

Ubisoft haven’t shared a release date for when their Battle Royale game, Hyper Scape, is coming out (Update: the release date for Hyper Scape on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is August 11th).

With that being said, Ubisoft have shared that Hyper Scape is planned to come out during the summer.

This means that the game will fully launch sometime before the end of August so a release date shouldn’t be too far off.

Seeing as it’s immediately jumped to the top of the Twitch charts, it’s more than evident that gamers are incredibly stoked and excited.