The new favourite to takeover Newcastle United is American businessman Henry Mauriss, but who is he and how much is his net worth in 2020?

I’m sure I speak for every Newcastle United fan when I say the news that the Saudi-led interest group had removed themselves from the takeover bid was devastating.

However, the toon faithful will be glad to hear that there still remains hope for a successful takeover this year in the form of US businessman, Henry Mauriss.

Henry Mauriss had put in a bid for the club alongside the Saudi group back in April, but what the American’s net worth in 2020 and is he still interested in buying Newcastle United?

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Who is Henry Mauriss?

  • Henry Mauriss is an American businessman who is currently the CEO of US cable network ClearTV and the Principal of Credit America Corporation.

Originally from Burbank, California, Mauriss made his fortune in the finance industry before turning his attention to media and completely transforming ClearTV.

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He has also forged partnerships with the US broadcasting giants NBC and CBS.

Henry Mauriss CEO of Clear TV / Twitter

Henry Mauriss’ 2020 net worth…

  • Unfortunately, his net worth is not available to the public, but there are reports he has traded more than £5.36 billion ($7bn) in receivables throughout his career.

This figure was initially reported by The Express and concerns the assets Mauriss has “purchased, converted and resold” through trading. If this figure is accurate, it would make him the fifth richest owner of a Premier League club – if he was indeed to take over Newcastle United.

We also now that Mauriss did offer £50 million more than the Saudis for in the initial bid for the club back in April.  


Is Henry Mauriss still interested in taking over Newcastle?

  • At the moment, we don’t know whether Mauriss is still committed to the takeover, but he did make a massive £350 million bid for the club just a few months ago.

Mauriss has a keen interest in English football and is a Tottenham Hotspur fan, with the Daily Mirror reporting: “[Mauriss is] a charitable and honourable man – and is desperate to become Newcastle’s new owner. It’s a genuine bid.”

The source added: “He has studied the way his fellow countrymen Werner and Henry have successfully rejuvenated ­Liverpool and made them one of the world’s dominant forces.”

“There is the promise of ­significant investment not only in the squad but also the club’s academy. It’s a fantastic business plan. Newcastle have a huge and loyal support. It’s a club with massive potential.” – Source to Henry Mauriss.

However, at the time of writing, there is no confirmation that Mauriss is still interested in taking over the club. Although, with an offer this large only being made a few months ago, there was most likely a discussion about renegotiating an offer if the Saudi-led interest group did withdraw.

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