Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson are a hot topic of conversation on social media right now as rumours circle that the pair have broken up. Is it true?

Just weeks after the confirmed their relationship, it seems that it could be over for Dixie D’Amelio and Sway House member Griffin Johnson.

There has been much speculation after the past day that the pair have broken up, after Dixie unfollowed him on social media and Griffin changed his header photo – and a TikTok video has come out making some pretty big allegations about Griffin.

Dixie D’Amelio confirmed her and Griffin Johnson were dating

After a lot of speculation, Dixie D’Amelio finally revealed that she was dating Griffin Johnson in a YouTube interview.

In a video by MattySmokes, Matty asked Dixie: “Is it weird dating somebody in the Sway House when you’re from the Hype House?” She then replied, saying: “No, because I’m no longer part of the Hype House but we’re all friends.”

The TikTok stars never denied that they were dating, but they never actually confirmed it either. So this interview was a pretty big deal!

Then, just a week ago, Dixie confirmed made the pair Instagram official, posting a cosy Insta pic that showed Griffin standing behind Dixie with his arms wrapped around her.

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Dixie has now unfollowed Griffin on Instagram and Twitter

But now, just a week after posting the loved up Instagram photo, it seems that there could be trouble in paradise.

On July 30th, Dixie unfollowed Griffin on both Instagram and Twitter, making fans believe that the pair have broken up.

Then Griffin changed his Twitter header photo

Then, fans further speculated that the pair had broken up after they noticed that Griffin had changed his header photo.

It used to be a cute close-up selfie of himself with Dixie, but it has now changed to a group photo of himself with his group of friends, the Sway House boys.

Fans think that Griffin allegedly cheated on Dixie

At the same time that Dixie unfollowed Griffin and he changed his header, some pretty big rumours began circling the internet.

Fans began to claim that Griffin allegedly cheated on Dixie, and argue that is the reason why they have broken up.

A TikTok user called @mgalley15 posted a video allegedly exposing Griffin for messaging another girl on Snapchat. In the video, she showed screenshots, however, it is unknown yet whether these claims are true.


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