There have been lots of concerts in Fortnite with one of the more famous examples involving Travis Scott who broke a bunch of records. Now, on July 31st, there will be another event involving Diplo. Here you’ll discover when the Diplo event is scheduled to take place by knowing its concert times as well as where to attend.

Aside from the upcoming Party Royale performance, there are also a bunch of new challenges for Fortnite Season 3. These include collecting floating rings at Weeping Woods and finding balls of yarn at Catty Corner.

While the aforementioned challenges are fun and necessary for the community to complete, below you’ll discover the concert times for when the Diplo event is scheduled to commence.

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

Fortnite – Chapter 2: Season 3 – Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer| PS4

When is the Diplo concert for Fortnite?

The Diplo concert for Fortnite starts on July 31st.

However, if you’re unable to attend the Diplo concert today, the event will be rebroadcasted in Fortnite on August 3rd.

To celebrate the upcoming music performance, the Envision Outfit made its debut in the item shop yesterday.

In addition to the Envision Outfit, there’s also the music-reactive Back Scratcher Back Bling and Light Knives Pickaxe.

And, if that’s not enough, the new Party Diva, Party MVP, and Party Star Outfits will be available alongside the returning Nightlife Outfit.

Basically, if you wish to dress up like a glow in the dark glowstick, then Epic Games have you covered.

Epic Games

What are the Diplo concert times for Fortnite?

The Diplo concert times for Fortnite on July 31st are as follows:

  • 11:00 PT
  • 14:00 ET
  • 19:00 BST

But, if you are unable to attend the concert tonight, you can watch a rebroadcast on August 3rd at the following times:

  • 18:00 PT
  • 21:00 ET
  • 02:00 BST (August 4th)

Now that you know all the concert times for Diplo, to attend the Fortnite event all you need to do is select the Party Royale playlist and head to the Main Stage.

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