The Guardian was under fire yesterday after mixing up a photo in an article about Wiley and accidentally posting a photo of Kano instead.

Some Twitter users called out the newspaper after spotting the mistake on their news site on Wednesday – and they weren’t best pleased.

Eventually, people started pointing fire towards the writer of the article, Owen Jones, although an apology tweet explained that it wasn’t his fault.

The Guardian then proceeded to make a public apology on their Instagram, taking full responsibility for the mistake.

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The Guardian mix-up a photo of Wiley and Kano

The Guardian Newspaper was under fire yesterday (Wednesday, July 29th) after Twitter users pointed out a huge blunder on their news site.

In an article about Wiley, The Guardian inserted the wrong photo, posting an image of rapper Kano rather than Wiley, as reported by The Sun.

The story was up on The Guardian’s website for over an hour before the image was corrected.

Fans react on Twitter

After the incorrect image was posted, many Twitter users were in a state of fury and acted disparagingly towards the media site.

One Twitter user wrote: “In a comment piece about racism, The Guardian confuses one Black MC for another and uses a picture of Kano for Wiley.”

Another said: “A Guardian article outlining the issues of online racism used an image of Kano instead of Wiley, and I think my Irony Meter has exploded. I’ll just check… yep. Completely disintegrated.”

Owen Jones apologised on Twitter

Guardian columnist and writer of the article in question, Owen Jones, apologised for the mistake on Twitter.

He wrote: “I’m absolutely horrified to see this terrible photo mistake made after my piece was signed off yesterday, and want to apologise profusely on behalf of The Guardian.”

Then, he revealed that as a writer he was not the one responsible for inserting the incorrect image, saying that “writers never do at newspapers” but he “completely understands everyone’s anger”.

The Guardian also made a public apology

On their Instagram page, The Guardian also made a public apology about the alleged Kano mixup.

They said:

“The Guardian apologises unreservedly to Kano and our readers for the error, which was corrected when it was spotted.” Then, they went on to confirm that Owen Jones was not responsible for this error.

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