Fans are left wondering where the ‘Hey Mike How Old is Your Mom’ sound on TikTok originates from. The trend of people re-enacting the scene has gone viral on the social media platform, and we found out what movie it was from!

Tik Tok star @aaliciaallen got over 1.9 million likes on her ‘How Old is Your Mom’ video, also tagging @iamkevinhart in the post with hopes of some recognition from the OG!

Where is ‘Hey Mike How Old is Your Mom’ from?

  • The original scene before being used as a TikTok sound is from the 2012 film, Think Like a Man.

Think Like a Man is a comedy about four friends whose love lives are shaken up until they discover they can turn around the tables if they also follow advice from the relationship book their ladies are reading ‘Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man’.

Here’s the original scene in which Kevin Hart who plays Cedric, asks Mike aka Terrence J how old his mum is and starts hitting on Ms. Loretta!

There have been some hilarious TikTok renditions!

After this movie was released on Netflix, Kevin Harts scene became particularly popular and @challxn ‘s re-make where the bread gets stuck in the door is by far the best!


It’s the bread bag stuck in the door for me ♬ Think Like a Man movie scene – albertbjr09

Ondreaz Lopez shows that he’s not only able to do dancing TikToks but is also amazing at acting, check out his re-make of the movie scene!

Get over to TikTok to see the other 38.6K re-makes, or better yet let’s make a petition to get Kevin Hart to remake his own scene on his TikTok account!

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