The Hater arrived on Netflix in July and introduces viewers to a host of new acting talent including Polish actress Vanessa Aleksander.

Netflix may be best known for its big-budget US TV series and cheesy teen rom-coms but in recent times, the content on the streaming service has become much more diverse.

From docuseries and reality TV to Oscar-winning films and international TV series, there’s more to choose from than ever.

One of the latest examples of an international Netflix production is the Polish-made film, The Hater, which arrived on the streaming service in July.

As a Polish production, the film features a cast of actors many will not have met before, including star of the show Maciej Musiałowskiand love interest Vanessa Aleksander.

But just what do we know about the latter, Vanessa Aleksander?

The Hater on Netflix

The Hater arrived on Netflix on July 29th, 2020.

The film, which is the latest creation from Oscar-winning director Jan Komasa, tells the story of Tomasz Giemza, a disgraced law student who turns his talents to the world of PR.

However, it transpires that the company he works for is in the business of spreading fake news, trolling celebrities and destroying careers.

Tomasz shows quite a talent for this line of work and after impressing his superiors, starts to use his talents for his own personal and sinister gain.


Introducing Vanessa Aleksander as Gabi Krasucka

Gabriela ‘Gabi’ Krasucka was a childhood friend of Tomasz’s and has been his long-time crush.

Gabi is played in The Hater by Polish actress Vanessa Aleksander.

Vanessa’s exact date of birth is unknown but according to IMDb, she was born in 1996, which would make her either 23 or 24 years old.

She began her on-screen acting career in 2015 and has appeared in a handful of roles since, which we’ll get onto in a moment.

Away from acting, Vanessa Aleksander is highly active on social media, most notably Instagram and Facebook where she has 35,000 and 6,800 followers respectively.

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Vanessa Aleksander: Films and TV

As mentioned, Vanessa Aleksander’s acting debut came in 2015, this came in an episode of the Polish comedy

Since then, Vanessa has gone on to appear in a total of nine productions with her most prominent roles coming in the Polish TV series Belle Epoque, Ultraviolet and the wartime drama Wojenne dziewczyny in which she appeared in 39 episodes.

With a Netflix role now on her growing acting CV, we’re sure it won’t be long before Vanessa Aleksander is back on our screens.

Until then, The Hater, starring Vanessa Aleksander, is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on July 29th, 2020.

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