Alpharad Plus recently uploaded a video onto YouTube titled The Unfortunate Truth of ‘Plussy Knight’. The video claims that Plussy Knight didn’t actually pass away from coronavirus and that he faked his death on Twitter.

In response to his previous video, Alpharad Plus says his quick and emotional reaction was natural thanks to the bombardment of grieving in his mentions. He also states that, in hindsight, there were possible alarm bells with the story, but that he was trapped in his emotions and thus easy to fool.

The YouTuber also says that he doesn’t regret having made the video as a lot of the “damning evidence” came later. In the same Unfortunate Truth video, Alphrarad also talks about the “red flags” that he noticed in hindsight.

Some fans have reacted to the Unfortunate Truth of Plussy Knight video by saying that it always felt “incredibly suspicious,” meanwhile others suggest that the incident stresses the importance of mental health.

Plussy Knight appears to have deleted his account.

Original story reporting the claimed death and Alpharad Plus Tribute video below:

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone across the globe due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people have passed away because of this virus, with a gamer named PlussyKnight on Twitter one of many victims. To honour the gamer who passed away just recently, Alpharad Plus and others on Twitter have honoured him with the hashtag #RememberPlussyKnight.

In addition to the Remember Plussy Knight hashtag on Twitter, people on Reddit are also honouring the gamer who was part of a podcast named Plussycast. His passing away was announced on Twitter by his mum, and the Alpharad Plus community have responded with a fitting tribute.

As well as spreading his name on Twitter and Reddit, Alpharad Plus has also spoken about him on YouTube in a touching video.

Remember PlussyKnight

The hashtag Remember Plussy Knight has been trending on Twitter.

This hashtag has been trending on Twitter to honour Plussy Knight who has unfortunately passed away.

Over on his Twitter account, it was revealed that he had coronavirus and was suffering from a scratchy throat while constantly feeling tired.

His mum announced his passing away on July 28th with the following Twitter post:

Following the news of his passing away, the Alpharad Plus community have been posting tweets with #RememberPlussyKnight to honour him.

Alpharad Plus pays tribute to Plussy Knight

Alpharad Plus has uploaded a video to speak about Plussy Knight.

In the video, Alphrarad Plus mentions how Plussy Knight so positively affected the lives of other Plussy fans by being a part of the community.

He also says that the Plussy community is known for using comedy as a coping mechanism, but that it’s heart-warming how no one has been inappropriate in respect to Plussy Knight.

Alphrarad Plus admits that the people who matter most is those personally connected to PlussyKnight, and has said that he will help the family with a charity stream if they reach out.

In the video, Alphrarad also stresses the importance of wearing face masks to try to protect others from coronavirus.

He also encourages donating to a covid-19 relief fund if possible, and you can find a link next to his YouTube video.

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