Rockstar has heeded to the demands of the protesting clowns by delivering an update for Red Dead Online. This update has brought the Naturalist role to the game, and it has also provided fans with an Advanced Camera. However, while the update itself has largely been criticised, so too has the Advanced Camera with some calling it overpriced and useless.

Although it’s a new update, lots of the Red Dead Online community are not happy with Rockstar because of the Naturalist patch being bland and boring. This is disappointing for everyone who had worn clown outfits in protest only to take them off and feel like even bigger clowns.

The Naturalist role appears to be the main source of discontent amongst the community, but there also some people annoyed with the Advanced Camera and its price.

How to get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online

You get the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online in the Naturalist update.

In order to purchase the Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online, you must buy it for either 22 gold bars or $540.

Open the game’s catalogue, proceed to the Hunting and Fishing section, and keep flipping the pages until you find the divisive item.

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Is the Advanced Camera overpriced in Red Dead Online?

Some fans are arguing that the Advanced Camera is overpriced in Red Dead Online.

This is because people believe that it’s the same as the Standard Camera but with pointless added filters and the ability to freely move.

Being able to freely move with the piece of equipment might be enough to justify its price for some, but many feel that its fee is simply egregious.

But, with that being said, it is no doubt handy when trying to take pictures of Legendary Animals for the Naturalist role.

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