Grounded is now available in Early Access format on Xbox One and Steam. There’s an arachnophobia mode which allows you to customise spiders to make them less terrifying, but there are other critters in the game that are insanely ferocious seeing as you’re the size of an itty-bitty person. To help you overcome these colossus foes, here you’ll discover how to upgrade your axe to tier and level 2 by defeating a ladybug.

Some people have been asking if the game is a tie-in to the nostalgic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids film, but what matters most is that the game has become the best-selling title on Steam with a large viewership on Twitch.

If you’re playing the Early Access rather than watching someone else enjoy it, below you’ll discover how to upgrade your axe to tier 2.

How to get an axe in Grounded

To get a standard Pebblet axe in Grounded you need the following ingredients:

  • Sprig – x3
  • Pebblet – x2
  • Woven fiber – x1

Pebblets are tiny rocks you’ll find pretty much everywhere, sprigs are light green and have two leaves, meanwhile you will need to get and analyse plant fiber to get woven fiber.

Once you have all the necessary materials and have analysed them, you should be able to craft your first Pebblet axe.

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How to upgrade axe to level 2 in Grounded

You must defeat a ladybug to upgrade your axe to tier 2 in Grounded.

This is because analysing a ladybug’s head is required for unlocking the tier 2 Insect Axe recipe.

In addition to a ladybug’s head, you also need x4 spider silk and x3 bombardier part. Killing spiders isn’t mandatory to acquire spider silk, meanwhile bombardier beetles are even creepier than the blooming spiders.

Good luck!

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