Following the news that Joe Kelly has been suspended for eight games, his teammates have flooded the internet with ‘Free Joe Kelly’ messages. Meanwhile, some fans are after a ‘Free Joe Kelly’ shirt.

Joe Kelly is one of the prominent players of Los Angeles Dodgers, known for his quirky character and hilarious dance moves in the outfield.

Joe, who has served as both a starter and reliever, signed his current deal in 2017 for a whopping $27-million contract.

On Tuesday, July 28th, the player made headlines after he received an eight-game suspension. So, why was he suspended? Also, what’s the ‘Free Joe Kelly’ shirt on social media right now?

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Why was Joe Kelly suspended?

According to ESPN, Joe got suspended after he threw a fastball behind Alex Bregman’s head and taunted Carlos Correa.

The publication wrote that Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts received a one-game suspension, while Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker got a fine for an unknown sum.

Joe wasn’t on the Dodgers team during the 2017 World Series, but he used to play for Red Sox at the time when they lost to Astros in the AL Division Series in 2017.

In an interview for NBC Los Angeles, Joe was questioned whether that 2017 loss had something to do with the game on Tuesday. He explained:

“No. When I was with the Red Sox we beat them in ’18. It’s one of those things that I pitch competitively. With no fans here, it’s easy to hear some stuff (from the opposing dugout) … there’s something they apparently didn’t take too kind to.”

‘Free Joe Kelly’ shirt

According to CBS Sports, LA Dodgers players are planning to wear a shirt with a particular expression Joe Kelly made during the game.

The publication said that Ross Stripling allegedly called it “one of the funnier things I’ve ever seen on a baseball field” and that the Dodgers are “all excited because we’ll have new shirts to wear for BP.” 

Moreover, the report claimed that Joe’s teammates have allegedly started preparing T-shirts with Joe’s hilarious expression.

The website Red Bubble has also launched ‘Free Joe Kelly’ shirts as fans flooded social media with messages of ‘Where can I find a Joe Kelly shirt’?

Joe Kelly responds on Instagram

Following his suspension, Joe took to Instagram to address the situation and he’s clearly not happy about it.

The LA Dodgers player wrote:

“Hey guys, with the suspension I received from the @mlb for my actions on Tuesday, I’d like to apologize… TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY! THE ASTROS ARE HIDING IN THEIR DUGOUTS BECAUSE I’M SUSPENDED. Just wait till I get out…”

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