Some sections of Twitter has been calling for YouTube sensation Joey Graceffa to be ‘cancelled’ along with his friend Shane Dawson. Joey G has over 9 million subscribers and now he’s in a lot of their bad books.

Joey has been a YouTuber since 2009 and is best known for his vlogs and being a host on the YouTube Original Escape the Night, which has subsequently been cancelled.

This comes at a tricky time for Joey, after posting a tearful breakup video six days ago with his boyfriend of six years, Daniel Pedra.

The video titled ‘we broke up’ explains it was a mutual decision.

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Why has Twitter ‘cancelled’ Joey G?

  • Last night (Wednesday 29th July) blackface videos from 2014 resurfaced of Joey Graceffa and Shane Dawson.

The YouTube video which was quickly deleted after the backlash, but can still be seen on Twitter, depicts the two men discussing a dark foundation shade as Joey applies it to Shanes’s face, while laughing.

Shane references “Queen Latifah” and asks Joey if he has a “weave” or “fried chicken” with him. While still making jokes Shane proceeds to ask just “how racist” the video is going to get.

The men seemingly knew how much controversy the clip would cause exclaiming “my Black fans are so angry right now”. Towards the end of the video, Shane states he can’t wait to “drive home like this” and that he’s “going to get pulled over immediately.”

Joey’s latest story highlights on Instagram are titled ‘activism’ and show multiple stories supporting #BlackLivesMatter. It may be perceived as hypocritical but hopefully it is just a sign Joey has learnt his lesson.

An apology video was uploaded five years ago, but as we know anything that has been released on the internet can always come back to haunt you. Old fans are warning the new fans of the blackface scandal.

Some Twitter users still have plans to ‘cancel’ him

It had lots of Twitter users up last night, exploring the drama!

Others are claiming he is innocent

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