Banana Split has arrived on US Netflix after releasing on digital platforms earlier in the but fans of the movie need that ending explained.

Netflix has long been the home of the cheesy teen rom-com and for the most part, all of the films that fall under that umbrella are largely the same.

Boy meets girl, they’re attracted to each other and may start dating, something happens to make them fall out and by the end of the film, they kiss and make up and everyone lives happily ever after.

In the newest rom-com to arrive on Netflix, Banana Split, the format follows the same beat but rather than focusing on a romantic boy-girl relationship, we take an unexplored detour into the world of platonic friendship between two girls.

This unique take on the genre has won plenty of praise since the film arrived on Netflix but Banana Split’s ending has left fans with some questions.

Banana Split on Netflix

After appearing in online VOD stores earlier this year, Banana Split has made its way online to the Netflix streaming service in the US.

The film gives us a slightly different take on the rom-com genre as we abandon the boy-girl romance in favour of a platonic relationship between two girls.

Those two girls are high school students April (Hannah Marks) and Clara (Liana Liberato) who have something major in common, they have both dated (or are currently dating) a boy by the name of Nick (Dylan Sprouse).

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Banana Split movie ending

When April and Clara first meet, the relationship between the two is noticeably tense as April has just been dumped by Nick who has quickly started dating Clara.

However, before long, April and Clara realise that despite the complicated situation surrounding Nick, the pair get on really well and a charming friendship starts to form and rules are put in place to keep Nick out of their friendship.

As in any rom-com though, that relationship is put to the test when April breaks a promise made to Clara about not attending the end-of-year party which will be attended by Nick.

Their relationship is put under greater strain when April texts Nick to wish him a happy birthday, something which causes him to break up with Clara and results in April and Clara falling out big-time.

The ending of the film, however, sees the pair thankfully make up with each other as Clara comes to apologise, not only for letting Nick get in the way of their friendship, but also admits that she loves April, the closest that the pair come to initiating a romantic relationship.

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Does the ending set up a sequel?

  • Yes and no.

There are definitely areas that a potential sequel to Banana Split could explore but you can’t help feel that the ending of the film ties up its loose ends neatly enough not to need a second film.

Of course, avenues such as the pair going off to college and finding other boyfriends could well make for an entertaining watch but the message of the film, that platonic relationships are just as strong, if not stronger than romantic relationships, would potentially be diluted in a second film.

Either way, Banana Split is available to stream now on Netflix in the US after arriving on the streaming service on July 26th.