Savannah and Cole LaBrant have welcomed a baby this week and several Reddit users have made suggestions about Baby Z’s name.

Congrats are in order to social media stars Savannah and Cole LaBrant who have a new family member.

The LaBrant couple has welcomed their second child together. They are already parents to daughter Posie Rayne, while Savannah has a 7-year-old daughter called Everleigh Rose with former partner Tom Smith.

While Savannah and Cole are keeping Baby Z’s name under tight wraps, cheeky Reddit users claim they have made a groundbreaking revelation about the newborn’s name.

The LaBrant Fam, YouTube

Who are Savannah and Cole?

Savannah and Cole are online influencers best known for their YouTube channel The LaBrant Fam.

Their channel is formerly known as Cole&Sav and has just over 12 million subscribers.

The two social media stars are also big on Instagram where Lavannah’s follower count is 6.5 million, while Cole has 5 million followers.

Cole rose to fame on Vine, while Savannah gained popularity as a fashion influencer.

In a sweet Instagram post, Cole wrote: “She did it. My wife is the strongest woman I’ve ever met. At 2:42 this morning we met our little man Z.”

And quite naturally, the burning question for many of their fans is their baby’s name.

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What is Baby Z Labrant’s name?

Baby Z’s exact name is unknown at the time of publication. However, a number of Reddit users have speculated that ‘Z’ could stand for Zealand.

For instance, user u/cxx510 claimed that they commented ‘Zealand’ on one of Cole’s posts and they allegedly ended up getting blocked by Cole.

“the name is definitely still zealand…i replied to a comment with the name and this happened,” the user claimed.

Meanwhile, in another Reddit thread, others shared their speculations over the baby’s name, suggesting Zachary, Zayne or Ziggy.

Well, Savannah and Cole must be occupied with the arrival of their newborn and the two should reveal Baby Z’s name whenever they are ready.

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Fans react on social media

Savannah and Cole’s fans have shared messages full of love, saying that they look forward to seeing Baby Z on social media.

One user wrote: “Watching the labrant fams birth video & im sobbing. I’ve watched them for 2+ years and baby Z was born on my birthday. I’m literally sobbing and I don’t know what to do.”

Another one reacted: “Congrats to the labrant fam!! Can’t wait to see baby Z!!!!”

Check out more reactions down below.

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