Every Sunday during August, Animal Crossing: New Horizons hosts special Fireworks Shows, special events which decorate the night’s sky with custom fireworks.

Getting these custom fireworks to appear can be a slightly convoluted process that isn’t entirely explained by the game, and you may have to wait quite a while for your custom designs to appear.

Here’s a quick guide to how to make custom fireworks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and how to get them to appear in the night’s sky during a Fireworks Show.

How to Make Custom Fireworks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To make custom fireworks in Animal Crossing, speak to Isabelle twice during a Fireworks Show. The first time, she’ll give you a special event item, and the second time, she’ll let you queue up ten of your own custom designs to appear as fireworks.

The custom firework designs have to come from your existing bank of custom images in your NookPhone, which you can either import into the game using QR codes, or create in-game by visiting the Able Sisters.

You can chain up to ten custom fireworks together, but bear in mind that they won’t be the only fireworks that will appear in the Animal Crossing night’s sky. To see your designs as frequently as possible, you’ll want to use up all ten custom slots, even if that means repeating the same image over and over.


How to watch custom fireworks during a Fireworks Show

Once you’ve spoken with Isabelle and selected your custom fireworks images, you’ll have a bit of a wait before you actually get to see your designs light up the Animal Crossing night’s sky.

There are plenty of different fireworks patterns in Animal Crossing, so it may take quite a while for your specific designs to appear. All you can do is wait patiently – with enough time, they will show up.

In the meantime, there’s plenty more going on during the Fireworks Show to keep you busy. You can participate in Redd’s Raffle to potentially win sparklers and other prizes. Or, you can simply chill out and relax with your islanders or other friends as you enjoy the atmosphere.