YouTube star Matthew Santoro admitted that all of his belongings, apart from a single suitcase, has been stolen.

The incident came from the trailer of a moving, truck which was helping him move to Toronto from LA.

This YouTube content is abnormal for Matt

Matt boasts over 6 million followers on YouTube and such harrowing content came as a shock to fans who are used to viewing his lighthearted ’50 amazing facts to blow your mind’ video series.

In the short six-minute video, titled ‘ Everything I Own Was Stolen’, Matthew names a few of the hundreds of belongings that have been taken from him and reveals his vlogging camera was one of the only things he was left with.

Matt can be seen sitting on the floor of an empty apartment further exaggerating how he has been left with nothing.

Matt Santoro: Net worth

  • Matthew has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Previous to YouTube he was an accountant but when he realised his income from YouTube was enough to support himself, he quit.

What was robbed?

Practically everything he owned was stolen. Matthew was only left with his computer, vlogging camera, a pair of shoes, a few shirts, a pair of jeans and some toiletries.

Matt’s book collection, shoes, clothing, flat-screen TV, dressers, couch, rugs, and two beds are amongst the goods that have been stolen from him.

Matt was unable to name the moving company who were involved in the incident, but he explains that they have been shady from the start after initially attempting to over-charge him.

Matt predicts that further action will be taken involving lawyers so for legal reasons the moving company still remain anonymous.

How fans have reacted on Twitter

An outpouring of fans have reached out to Matthew offering old furniture or fund me pages. It has been an eye-opener for Matt, as it puts things into perspective, many materialistic things can be re-purchased and a way of getting around such awful circumstances is remembering that you are safe and alive. Matthew continues to say in the video that “it’s just stuff” and “at least I have my health”.

It is great to see Matthew staying so positive in such an isolating situation!

While Matthew is thankful for the support he goes on to explain that some things that were robbed are irreplaceable. For example family pictures of his Nona who passed away, YouTube memorabilia and raw footage from old videos.

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