The Heights continues daily on BBC One and offers up some much-needed drama but just where is The Heights filmed and where is the Australian soap set?

With the world in such a chaotic state at the moment, TV has become the perfect distraction from the outside world.

Drama series and soaps are always popular but when they’re set in sunny Australia, you couldn’t ask for better escapism.

That’s exactly what BBC One’s The Heights offers up as it takes views down under.

But just where is The Heights filmed and is it set in the same place as its filming locations?

The Heights on BBC One

With BBC One’s usual daytime drama, Doctors, currently on a summer break, Australian serial, The Heights, has been airing on BBC One in its place.

The first series arrived in mid-June and has been airing daily since. Now, as July comes to a close, The Heights’ second series has followed directly on.

However, after series 1 concluded with Pav being revealed as the father of Shannon’s son Patch, series 2 began with fans having to double-take as the actor playing Pav looked a bit different.


Where is The Heights set?

  • The Heights is set in the fictional inner-city neighbourhood of Arcadia Heights.

The bulk of the action in The Heights takes place in and around the Acardia social housing tower block, while the streets and neighbourhoods in the surrounding area are subject to rapid change and gentrification.

It’s never explicitly revealed exactly which city Arcadia Heights is based in so the soap could be taking place anywhere in Australia which certainly boosts its appeal.


Where is The Heights filmed?

  • The Heights is filmed in Perth, Western Australia.

Various locations in and around the city of Perth have been used as filming locations, with the city of Vincent within Perth taking centre stage.

The Arcadia tower we’ve all come to know is actually located on Goderich Street in East Perth.

Other locations used in The Heights include Northbridge, Mount Lawley and Leederville, according to the City of Vincent website, which are all suburbs and boroughs of Vincent in the city of Perth itself.

The Heights continues every weekday on BBC One at 1:45pm while any episodes you’ve missed, including all of series 1, are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.