TikTok user @gansdf4 shocked TikTok users after uploading a video of a fish being dissolved in a glass of water.

People have gone crazy wanting to know exactly how that happened, and whether the fish was already dead.

If you have seen the video and have come looking for answers, then you don’t need to search any longer because we’ve figured it out for you.

Read on to find out more.


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Is the fish dissolving video real?

The video, as far as we know is real. The video was flooded with comments asking about the fish, and whether it was alive or already dead.

The TikTokker eventually updated fans, telling them: “It was a dead fish, no life is dissolved in the video.”

How did they dissolve the fish?

In the video, viewers see a fish be dissolved after the TikTokker pours a substance into the glass the fish was swimming in.

The substance is revealed to be a dirt dissolver, bought off of Amazon. The user used the fish to show the efficiency of the product.

What do TikTok users think?

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