There’s a lot for skateboarding gamer fans to be excited about. There’s a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remake coming out soon, EA have announced Skate 4, and PS4, Xbox One, and Steam users can now buy Skater XL. If you’re particularly interested in the latter, here you’ll discover whether Skater XL features character customisation before you make a purchase.

Skater XL is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and its launch trailer makes fun of EA’s Skate. It’s said to be a skateboarding sim built by and for skaters, so it’s a title that Tony Hawk fanatics will probably enjoy a lot.

However, as silly as it may sound, some people’s purchase will depend on whether there is character customisation. And if this happens to be the deciding factor for you, then we have very good news.

Skater XL price for PS4, Steam, and Xbox One

The price for Skater XL on PS4 and Xbox One is £34.99, meanwhile it is only £30.99 on Steam.

Know in advance that if you want to play Skater XL on Steam you will need a controller in order to play.

There’s only one version available to purchase and it promises to be heaps of fun for skateboarding enthusiasts.

This is because of its physics-based controls which spare the game from pre-programmed tricks, as well as because all its levels are inspired by real-life iconic locations.

Easy Day Studios

Does Skater XL have character creation?

Yes, Skater XL does have character creation and customisation on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The character creation and customisation for Skater XL is an option, and you can also play as pro skaters such as Tiago Lemos and Tom Asta.

In regard to how unique your own person can be, the game’s official page on Steam says that you create your own look with different t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and shoes from over 30 recognised brands such as Vans.

The character creation isn’t as in-depth as most other games so don’t expect Cyberpunk 2077, but you can at least change your skin tone, hairstyle, and assortment of garments.

Check out N Day‘s YouTube video for a thorough overlook of the male character customisation (there is female, too).

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