Grounded is now available as an Early Access title and it has already become a top-seller on Steam with huge views on Twitch. If you’re one of the many itty-bitty people exploring the hellish landscape of grass that we walk across everyday of our life as giants, here you’ll discover the location for where and how to get berry leather so you can craft the Ladybug Faceplate armour.  

There are tons of hideous creatures you’ll come across in Grounded that don’t appear so hideous in real-life. These include ladybugs and beetles, but there’s also the always terrifying spiders. Fortunately, there’s an arachnophobia mode which allows you to pretty much avoid these eight-legged creepy crawlies or cripple them to the point where they’re no longer so intimidating.

Either way, regardless of whether you’re exploring with mates holding your hand or on your lonesome, here you’ll discover the location for where and how to get berry leather.

What is the location for berry leather in Grounded?

There is one location for where to find berries and get berry leather in Grounded.

In order to find this location to get berry leather, Grounded players will need to wander to the South-eastern part of the map.

Once you’re there, keep travelling onwards into the dark and you should find a large tree with blue berries hanging from its branches.

You can either shoot these down with arrows, or you can find berries on the floor and split them open with an axe to get berry chunks.

To make berry leather in Grounded, you need three bits of berry chunk. This will allow you to craft the berry leather so you can make the Ladybug Faceplate.

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How make Ladybug Faceplate in Grounded

You need the following ingredients to make Ladybug Faceplate armour in Grounded:

  • Ladybug head – x1
  • Ladybug part – x2
  • Berry leather – x3

Once you have all of the above components, you can make the Ladybug Faceplate armour to give you added protection.

It’s an item that increases your blocking strength, and it’s also a “terrifying visage” that honestly does resemble a bloody mask from a horror film.

Check out ZaFrostPet on YouTube if you need visual guidance to find the tree that berries grow on like we wish money would.

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