If you need another new TikTok challenge to try, then we have just the one for you – and it’s a hilarious prank!

TikTok has all sorts of videos, from dance routines to crazy challenges. Baking recipes to cook hacks. The social media app has it all.

But one of the best TikTok categories to watch are prank videos – they’re hilarious to film, and hilarious to watch. And it’s time to give the FaceTime challenge a go!

Photo Illustration by Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

What is the TikTok Facetime Challenge?

This challenge has been around on TikTok for ages, but it never gets old. It involves pranking your partner, friend, family member, or anyone you can FaceTime really.

Whilst you’re on FaceTime to someone, you have to play an audio clip of the sound that FaceTime makes when you hang up the call. Then, you can see their reaction. Of course, you haven’t actually hung up on them, but they’ll think you have.

Lots of people choose to do the challenge when a friend has fallen asleep whilst on FaceTime, then you can really see if they’re sleeping or just choosing to ignore you!

How to do the TikTok FaceTime Challenge

Completing the challenge is simply. Either set up another camera to film your FaceTime screen, or use the screen record function if you have one.

Then, you’ll need to find the FaceTime end call audio sound. There’s loads of different ones on YouTube – here’s one you can use.

Now simply play the sound and watch the person’s reaction.

You can also do the challenge with the call audio

There’s also another variation of the same challenge you could try.

Whilst you’re in the room with a friend or partner, play the audio that sounds like someone is trying to FaceTime you. Then, pretend to answer the FaceTime call and say something that will definitely catch the person’s attention.

You could pretend you’re talking to another boy or girl, or a friend that they don’t know about. The options are endless, and the reactions will be hilarious!

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