Over the last few days, a video featuring a group of doctors from ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ has made headlines due to claims made in the video that Hydroxychloroquine could treat patients with Covid-19.

Dr. Richard Urso featured in the viral ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ video and received instant social media fame.

However, the viral video, and claims made about the alleged potential cures, have since been removed from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube because of the “false information” within the video.

While the world got to know more about the claims of Dr. Simone Gold and Dr. Stella Immanuel, Dr. Richard Urso has also come forward with similar claims about the drug.

So, who is he and what did he say?

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Who is Dr. Richard Urso?

According to his LinkedIn bio, Dr. Richard Urso has been a medical doctor at Houston Eye Associates for 28 years.

His name is listed on the website of Houston Eye Associates which says that Richard completed a BA course in Political Science at the Villanova University.

He went on to study Medicine at the University of Texas Medical School and completed an Ophthalmology residency at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.

His bio on the website states that he is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and that he has written a lot of articles about the field of ophthalmology.

Dr. Richard Urso talks about hydroxychloroquine

In a recent interview with Fox News, Richard addressed the claims he made about Hydroxychloroquine, saying that he has worked with the drug for the last 30 years.

He claimed:

“Hydroxychloroquine is super-safe. I particularly have a lot of experience with it. I’ve had several thousands of patients’ visits to discuss specifically the toxicity of this drug over my last 30 years. It’s been around billions of prescriptions.”

Furthermore, he also claimed:

“I’ve been working with this drug for 30 years. I have never had a patient taken of it from a heart issue.”

Richards claims to have met with VP Mike Pence

Richard also revealed that he allegedly met with Vice President Mike Pence and Pence’s Chief of Staff Marc Short to discuss the prescription of Hydroxychloroquine.

Taking to Twitter, he claimed:

“Great meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and chief of staff Marc Short. Looking forward to working with them on helping to end the pandemic. Doctors should be able to prescribe HCQ without fear of reprisals.”

At the time of writing, Vice President Mike Pence has not responded to these claims.

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