Who is Dr. Stella Immanuel? Viral fame after Covid-19 claims are retweeted by Trump!

Ellissa Bain

Dr. Stella Immanuel has gone viral on social media after making a speech claiming that she had a cure for Covid-19, which was subsequently shared by Donald Trump on Twitter.

However, those clips have since been removed from the platform and, according to The Independent, Trump has been suspended from Twitter for sharing ‘misleading and potentially harmful information’, including the video that featured Dr. Stella Immanuel and her claims.

Covid-19 first made an appearance in December 2019 and has been putting the globe into medical turmoil ever since. According to the World Meter, the coronavirus has now had over 60 million recorded cases and resulted in 656,000 global deaths.

The world is waiting for an end to the deadly disease, with Oxford University in England currently running human trials of a potential vaccine.

But one alleged doctor from Houston found Twitter fame with claims that she had used a drug to cure 350 of her own patients of Covid-19. So, who is Dr. Stella Immanuel?

Trump spoke about Hydroxychloroquine on Twitter

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday, July 28th, to tweet about how he believed Hydroxychloroquine could treat patients with Covid-19.

The drug is most widely used to treat malaria and at the time of writing, there is no medical evidence that it has any effect on Covid-19.

Nonetheless, Trump retweeted many posts which claimed things such as: “6000 doctors surveyed across the world all said #Hydroxychloroquine works in Covid patients.”

According to The Washington Post, Trump’s Twitter was penalized due to the posting of “misinformation”.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have also removed the video featuring Dr. Immanuel and her claims about Hydroxychloroquin from their social media platforms, which gained over 20 million views after it was first shared by Trump.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone tweeted:

“Yes, we removed it for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19. We’re showing messages in News Feed to people who have reacted to, commented on or shared harmful COVID-19-related misinformation that we have removed, connecting them to myths debunked by the WHO.”

Who is Dr. Stella Immanuel?

Specifically, Trump shared a tweet that read: “She’s a fearless warrior for the truth…..debunking the left-wing narrative on #Hydroxychloroquine that is why they want to attack her so fiercely… keep up the good fight Dr. Stella!”

‘Dr. Stella’, as mentioned in the tweet, is part of America’s Frontline Doctors, a new group which in the United States to support who support claims about the use of Hydroxychloroquine to cure of Covid-19.

She claims to be a GP from Houston, now coming forward to support Donald Trump’s use of the drug.

According to the Daily Mail, Stella was born in Cameroon and completed her medical training in Nigeria.  She operates a medical clinic in Houston out of a strip mall next to her church, Firepower Ministries. 

Immanuel says she previously worked as a doctor in Nigeria and also calls herself a ‘Deliverance Minister’ who is ‘God’s battle axe and weapon of war.’ 

The video of Dr. Stella Immanuel speaking in Washington

Dr. Stella Immanuel first went viral online after speaking outside the Capitol building in Washington.

Stella and a group of other doctors all dressed in white coats stood outside the government building and spoke about their alleged findings on Hydroxychloroquine.

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