A new challenge is making its way round Instagram, and you’ll definitely want to give this one a go.

Back in March when the world was pulled into a coronavirus induced global lockdown, Instagram challenges were all the craze.

It was all about bringing a little bit of positivity into life amid such a dark time, and many urged others to post supportive messages online.

And now, it seems the Instagram challenges are back again – here’s the Black And White Picture Challenge explained!

What is the Black And White Picture Challenge on Instagram?

The challenge actually started on the photo sharing app back in 2016, and now it’s resurfaced once again.

It involves taking a photo of yourself, editing it so that it has a black and white filter, and then uploading it to Instagram.

The hashtag #blackandwhitechallenge already has over a million posts on Instagram, making it one of the biggest challenges ever.

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Remember to write ‘Challenge Accepted’

There’s only one rule, you must remember to do one specific thing when uploading your photo to Instagram.

In the caption, you must simply write ‘Challenge Accepted’ and also use the hashtag #blackandwhitechallenge.

Then, you can also tag your friends to do the same.

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Why are people taking part in the Instagram Black And White Challenge?

There are a number of different reasons why people are doing the Instagram challenge, all relating to spreading positivity online.

Many people are sharing a black and white photo to support cancer awareness, with lots of Instagram users also using the hashtag #cancerawareness. However, it is unknown whether this was the original cause for the challenge.

Others are using the challenge to empower women, using hashtags like #womenlifteachother and #empoweringwomen and #womensupportingwomen.

Whatever the reason, this challenge is the perfect opportunity to support others and make social media a place of positivity and support for everyone.

Challenge becomes one of the biggest social media trends of 2020

The Black and White Photo Challenge has quickly become one of the biggest social media trends of 2020.

What started as a small internet challenge has now turned into a global movement to encourage women to support and lift each-other up.

Even celebrities have posted their own back and white image to Instagram, including Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington.

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