After all the challenges that circulated on Instagram during lockdown, we thought everyone was done with the trend. Although now the new #ChallengeAccepted has taken off, we’re here for it!

Women all over the world have taken to Instagram to post black-and-white selfies under the hashtag ‘#challenge accepted”.

Our Instagram feeds are overrun with celebrities and friends hopping on the challenge to empower women in hopes to lift each other in these trying times.

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What is #ChallengeAccepted?

Over 4 million posts have appeared under the hashtag and the pictures won’t stop flooding in, not only are people posting selfies but pictures of women who inspire them.

Brooklyn Beckham’s future wifey Nicola Anne Peltz who was nominated by Posh spice, posted about her mother and future mother in law. Victoria Beckham also commented on the importance of raising strong independent women, followed by a picture of her 9-year-old daughter Harper.

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The hashtag is spreading worldwide and is sometimes followed by #womensupportingwomen. Khloe Kardashian wrote in an Instagram post at the weekend:

“To all my Queens- Let’s spread love and remember to be a little kinder to one another. #womensupportingwomen.”

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Who created the challenge?

The earliest post from the challenge was by a Brazilian journalist called Ana Paula Padrão.

Ana posted the Instagram a week and a half ago and her caption translates to ‘Challenge accepted. @daniacachich! #womensupportingwomen Photo: @Marcus.steinmeyer👏 👏 👏 ‘.

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Many posts don’t have a long caption, women are merely taking a stand together without saying too much and the solidarity is immense.

However, like any trend, there was some backlash, this critic on twitter reflects on the impossibility of a vain selfie making women feel better.

Lots of women are suggesting to empower women in other ways such as promoting female-owned businesses. Through sharing books, products, podcasts, and charities that benefit women – it is sure to give them more platform than posting selfies!

However, we think that any movement with hopes of uplifting women is one to support!

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