Karolina Sevastyanova recently posed for pictures next to Connor McGregor although she has now come under fire for looking a little too cosy with the UFC champ. No-one could find her Instagram or where she’s popped up from – so here’s the tea!

1. Karolina was a Russian Gymnast

At a very young age Karolina took up gymnastics, the video below shows 10-year-old Karol excelling at the sport and it is obvious she was going to be successful!

Karolina took part in the 2012 Olympics and went on to win a gold medal along with her teammates Uliana Donskova, Anastasia Bliznyuk, Alina Makarenko, Anastasia Nazarenko, and Ksenia Dudkina, for the summer Olympics group all round.

Fun fact : Karol and the girls on her squad ate only buckwheat for six months leading up to the Olympic Games.

2. She has been given awards for her beauty

Karolina was voted the most beautiful female athlete from the CIS countries participating at the 2012 Olympics.

Her popularity amongst men has sometimes gotten her into trouble. Such as when Maria Kirilenko broke off her engagement to hockey player Alex Ovechkin after pictures of her fiance spending time with Karol surfaced on social media.

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3. Why can’t anyone find her on Instagram?

The reason no one can find her on Instagram is because her username is in fact @karolisha.s, her name threw people off thinking they’d made a spelling mistake but her birth name is in fact Karolina Andreyevna Sevastyanova.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine her family then moved to Moscow, in Russia for her childhood.

4. Karol and connor mix with the Royals

The 25 year old is currently based in Monaco, which is most likely where she bumped into Connor McGregor. Both parties were with their significant others which immediately shut down rumours surrounding the photo of the pair.

The Notorious was pictured with his partner as they posed alongside Charlene, Princess of Monaco and her husband Prince Albert II. Karolina only shows specks of her relationship on social media and keeps her partners name private. However after doing some serious insta-stalking we found out his name is Alexander Mazanov, who is a Russian banker!

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5. Karolina has retired from Gymnastics

Karol retired from competing in gymnastics at the age of 17 when she had completed the Olympics.

After this Karol got her college degree at Moscow State University, which her Instagram bio indicates she graduated from in 2018. The ex-gymnast is now an aspiring broadcaster, working on Television as either a presenter or host.