The reveal trailer for the Kurup movie has just been released, but fans are still wondering when the release date for the film will be.

The upcoming action-thriller movie based on the notorious murder Sukumara Kurup has just released their official reveal trailer and boy-o-boy does it look awesome.

However, many fans still have plenty of questions, including when the movie will actually premiere, what the plot is and who is cast?

Kurup movie release date

  • At the time of writing, Kurup doesn’t have an official release date but is speculated to premiere on Tuesday, December 1 2020.

This is according, but this premiere date does sound like a reasonable one. Lead actor Dulquer Salmaan tweeted this morning: “As we out the finishing touches on Kurup, here is a little sneak peek.” To us, this means that the movie has finished actually shooting scenes and the editors/post-production teams are almost done too.

However, as the official statement is that the movie is “coming soon”, this is all speculation. We will bring you updates on the release date for Kurup as soon as new information is officially announced.

Kurup movie plot

  • The Kurup movie is based on the notorious criminal Sukumara Kurup, who committed murder in the 1980s and still remains at large today.

In 1984, a film representative called Chacko was strangled to death and his body was burnt inside a car near Kunnam in Mavelikara. It is alleged that Sukumara Kurup used this to commit insurance fraud to the tune of INR 800,000 ($75,000) – a lot of money in 1984.

Kurup is said to have fled to country and to this day, has not been arrested by police. The Kurup – Chacho case remains one of the longest-standing cases in the judicial history of Kerala.

Kurup movie cast…

  • The official cast list and character roles for Kurup has not been officially released.

However, we do have the following information that, appears to be, accurate as to who is in the cast.

  • Dulquer Salmaan as Sukumara Kuruppu
  • Sobhiya Dhulipala as unknown
  • Manoj Bajpayee as unknown
  • Tovino Thomas as Chacko (rumoured)
  • Suresh Oberoi as unknown
  • Shine Tom Chacko as unknown
  • Walid Riachy as Prince Rashid
  • Anand Bal as Police Constable

Kurup movie dubbing…

  • At the time of writing, the only information we have is that the movie will be released in Malayalam and will not have English subtitles.

This is again according to the webpage for the movie. However, there are rumours that the movie will also be dubbed in other regional languages, but we should get more information on this soon.