Obsidian’s Grounded has just entered Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, and it has a few bugs in its multiplayer which mean it’s not working as intended. Bad pun definitely intended.

It’s not surprising that an unfinished game released in beta form might be a little rough around the edges, but players far and wide are reporting issues with connecting to the game’s online servers.

The issue is so widespread that Obsidian has issued a statement on what to do if you can’t connect to Grounded’s multiplayer game mode. It’s not exactly good news.

Obsidian Entertainment

What to do if the Grounded multiplayer is not working

According to Obsidian, connectivity issues could be caused by anti-virus software. Make sure to update your anti-virus and, if possible, whitelist the new game to prevent problems with connecting to Obsidian’s servers.

Beyond this, one of the big issues with the Early Access build of Grounded is that the multiplayer isn’t working properly. This being the case, the developers recommend repeatedly trying to host new games in the hopes that eventually, things will click.

Indeed, some Xbox One players have had success by repeatedly hitting the “Host New Online Session” button. It seems that for now, the best workaround is to keep trying in the hopes that the multiplayer will work.

Obsidian says (via the official Discord), for now, Grounded’s multiplayer simply is not working:

“The proper teams are aware and looking to resolve this at this time. No ETA on a resolution at this time but trying to host the lobby again has been known to help. If that is not able to help though, single player will be available while this is sorted out.”

Waiting for a fix from Obsidian

It’s not clear how long it’ll take Obsidian to fix the issues with Grounded’s multiplayer not working. As the game is currently still unfinished, it’s not too surprising that this problem has arisen, but for those who’ve payed good money for the game, it’s a frustrating challenge to run into.

Hopefully Obsidian will get Grounded running a little more smoothly soon. In the meantime, players will simply have to keep trying the multiplayer matchmaking lobby until something clicks.

It’s far from perfect, but there have been enough success stories to suggest that, with patience, you can overcome Grounded’s multiplayer not working.

This article has been updated to reference anti-virus connectivity issues experienced by some players – special thanks to HITC reader Gary J for reaching out to share his experience with the game.

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