Yellowstone fans have praised the show for bringing awareness about missing indigenous women.

Since its premiere in 2018, Yellowstone has become one of Paramount Network’s stand-out series.

The combination of storytelling and brilliant performances, as well as bringing awareness to real-life issues, has attracted a loyal fan base around the world.

Viewers have praised the latest episode on Sunday, July 26th, for shedding light on missing Native American women and girls.

Yellowstone, Paramount Network

Yellowstone: Who is Sila?

Season 3, episode 6, ‘All for Nothing’ opened up with a scene of a worried mother who realised that her daughter Sila was nowhere to be found.

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The girl’s mother discovered that she hasn’t returned home last night. She called Sila’s friends to find out if she’s spent the night elsewhere, but sadly realised that her kid had gone missing.

Later on, Chief Rainwater called Kayce and Monica to help search for Sila, however they later faced their worst nightamare when they found the young girl’s body in a pit.

Monica was visibly distressed and angry, with Kayce saying: “There’s monsters everywhere in this world. You just gotta kill ’em when you find ’em.”

“You know we can’t stop the world from bein’ bad, Monica,” he added to which Monica responded: “Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.”

The actress who plays Sila is unknown and from what we found, the character hasn’t been credited on IMDB.

As for the episode, there were only picture frames of the young girl at her family house.

Yellowstone: Awareness about missing indigenous women

Yellowstone has urged viewers to support NIWRC (National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center), an organisation which works to prevent violence against Native American women.

In a Twitter post, the Paramount Network show wrote:

“The NIWRC works to enhance the safety of Native Women, their Children and Communities. To learn more and take action: Thank you.”

Fans praise the episode

Fans have praised Yellowstone’s latest episode for bringing awareness onto such an important matter.

One viewer said: “Thank you for bringing this to light! We need to stop the violence and we need to search for our missing people!”

Another one added: “Yellowstone touched a sensitive topic which is missing indigenous women. Hopefully it will shed some light on this horrible issue.”

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