He’s been slammed for his controversial comments in the past, but now Keemstar has been called out for his tweet about Pokimane.

The YouTuber runs his own channel DramaAlert and often finds himself on the receiving end of some fierce talk.

Never one to shy away from making his opinions known, Keemstar posted a short tweet about Poki but was criticised for it being sexist.

However the content creator quickly tried to backtrack – sharing an alternative interpretation of his words.

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What did Keemstar say about Pokimane?

  • Keemstar tweeted: ‘Pokimane 2/10’

The short post, which was made on Saturday, appeared to be him rating Poki’s looks.

Just a few hours later Keemstar, aka Daniel Keem, appeared to try and cover himself as he posed a rating about him writing “10/10”.

And on Monday the star tweeted again about Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, and her fans.

Commenting on the backlash, he wrote: “Poki 3 tier subs are probably the most toxic people on the internet!”

How did people react to Keemstar’s ‘sexist’ tweet?

Keemstar’s comments did not go down well, with many people calling him out for passing judgement on the star’s appearance.

One person replied to the apparent rating, writing: “You’re the most toxic creator out there.”

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While others slammed him for commenting on a woman’s looks when he has a daughter.

A Twitter user wrote: “What a horrible example you set. would you want your daughter to be subjected to the same?”

Has the YouTuber done anything like this before?

Last year Keemstar was caught up in a feud with Jake Paul after he was accused of body-shaming his then girlfriend, reports the Daily Dot.

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As for Poki’s response to the drama, she’s commented on sexism that she has experienced in the online community before.

And she had a great reply for Keemstar, quoting her impressive figures, she said: “Just averaged 11k+ viewers with no cam, late at night, and with a 10s delay.”

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