The internet can sometimes be a dark place, and often young teens are influenced by others online to take part in harmful challenges.

The latest trend for parents to be aware of is the Roro Chan challenge.

The Roro Chan Challenge is reminiscent of the Blue Whale Challenge which resulted in the suicides of several teenage girls.

What is the Roro Chan Challenge?

The Roro Chan challenge has surfaced online and is extremely dangerous. The challenge consists of self- harm, smoking, and taking part in acts of self-inflicted injuries.

The challenge is named after Roro Chan, a 14-year-old Japanese girl who committed suicide in 2013. Her death was live-streamed on the internet.

Do not engage with or take part in this challenge, it is life threatening.

How can you keep others safe from challenges like this?

It is important to spread awareness of challenges such as these so internet users know how to keep themselves, and others, safe.

If you are a parent, keep an eye on your teen’s social media accounts.

Do not engage in accounts taking part in challenges such as this, often this can encourage them to take things further. One Twitter user wrote:

“Searching and engaging with the challenge and their twitter, will “hype” the girls in it up, encouraging them to continue with what they are doing. Please stay safe out there and spread this tweet around [or tweet your own explanation].”

Remember that mental health support is available

If you have been affected by the nature of this challenge and need someone to speak to, here are some resources to get mental health support. 

Anxiety UK 
Call: 03444 775 774 

Call: 0300 123 3393

Call: 116 123