Season 3 is now available on Netflix, so let’s have a Good Girls recap before diving into the long-anticipated new episodes.

Netflix is great and everything, but we’re sure you’ll all be familiar with this issue…

Sometimes too much choice can leave you scrolling for what feels like eternity! Let’s face it, we’ve all found ourselves faced with so many titles, yet unable to settle on one.

Starting a new TV series can often feel a little daunting too, especially when there are already a wealth of seasons. However, choosing what to watch is a total no-brainer when new episodes of a bonafide favourite finally surface.

For fans of Good Girls, the time has come.

Created by Jenna Bans, this crime comedy-drama arrived back in 2018 and was quick to establish a devoted fanbase. Indeed, it continues to cement its status with season 3, but considering it’s been a while, here are some handy things to note before tucking in.

still from “Good Girls”, Universal Television et al.

Netflix: Good Girls recap

Season 2 left audiences desperate for more thanks to a particularly effective cliffhanger.

We witness Beth shoot Rio. However, after she rescues Agent Turner and leaves the scene of the crime, we see the dying Rio capture the attention of Turner.

Considering Rio had ordered Beth to kill him, we’re left to question whether he’ll be merciful or not. Will he be saved in time or will he simply bleed out and be left there?

Pressing on, we also have another important narrative thread. As highlighted by TV Insider, the women were being treated as suspects in the Boomer disappearance case, but he then turns up and they’re saved from suspicions. Then, Beth established their next business move: presenting Ruby and Annie their own counterfeit bill.

Season 3 ushers in the character of Lucy (Charlyne Yi), who comes aboard in these activities.

Of course, another essential going into the new episodes is knowing who is together. Stan knows about Ruby’s activity now but they remain strong, although it’s suggested that their relationship may encounter issues down the line.

After shooting Rio, Dean is there for Beth and it’s hard not to imagine their relationship progressing yet again in season 3.

Agent Noah broke the news to Annie that he’s moving to Arizona, closer to his child. So, that’s another loose end audiences are excited to dig into with the latest episodes.

Good Girls Season 3 was cut short

The third season of Good Girls was originally intended to run for sixteen episodes.

However, as highlighted by Variety, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in filming roaring to a halt.

They had already shot 11 episodes before ceasing production so fortunately they managed to roll out a shorter season.

The source notes Retta shedding light on the situation:

“Obviously people knew we were supposed to do 16 [episodes], so we had five more to do. We were one scene shy for episode 12, so we’re like, ‘Ugh, hate that we can’t at least get that out’.”

She added: “If we get picked up, we will finish the five [episodes] that did not air because I know that’s how Jenna wants the story to go.”

Luckily, it was renewed in May!

still from “Good Girls”, Universal Television et al.

Audiences are ready for season 3

Fans have already flocked to Twitter to express how excited they are about season 3.

Now you’re all caught up, you have lots to look forward to!

Check out a selection of tweets:

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