There have been many misconceptions as to what ‘hinge girl’ means. It has been trending for a while and everyone’s wondering why – so let us break down the meaning for you.

Dating apps seem to be the saviour of lockdown, it’s almost like going out to a bar and meeting people but not having to splash out on the drinks.

Hinge has surpassed Tinder in recent months due to its more detailed profiles including stats on height and morals. However, the term ‘Hinge Girl’ is completely unrelated to the dating app!

What does hinge girl mean?

  • A woman who is bisexual.

The urban dictionary description suggests that a hinge girl means a woman who is bisexual, stating it refers to a ‘girl who swings both ways’. Much like how a hinge on a door, when it is unattached, allows for it to swing either way. 

This hilarious meme behind the phrase 

Hinge Girl has even brought out merchandise!

A designer under the name Lenden has come out with art boards, canvas prints, and phone cases with ‘hinge girl’ in pink writing. The descripiton below reads ‘For the girl who swings both ways~<3’.

Here’s the link to her shop on redbubble!

What TikTok thought a basic Hinge Girl was

Now that you know the real meaning of what a hinge girl is, be sure that people are using it in the correct way!

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