Dillon Danis set himself up for a fall on Twitter after claiming he could easily beat Khamzat Chimaev after Khamzat won his second fight in 10 days.

The worlds of UFC and other combat sports such as boxing are always full of trash-talking superstars as online grudge-matches can often lead to high-profile fights.

That’s exactly what fans will be calling for after American fighter, Dillon Danis, took to Twitter to boast about how easily he could defeat Chechnya-born Khamzat Chimaev after the latter won his second fight in just 10 days on July 25th.

Danis’ boastful tweet was quickly picked up by UFC fans who called out the 26-year-old over his previous record in MMA.

Even Chimaev himself responded in truly macho fashion, propelling the Twitter grudge-match up a notch.

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Dillon Danis takes a dig at Khamzat Chimaev

On July 25th, Khamzat Chimaev made UFC history has he not only competed in his second fight in 10 days but he won both, in two different weight categories no less.

Dillon Danis, who has only competed in two MMA fights in the two years since making his debut, took to Twitter the following day, to boast how about easily he’d win against UFC’s newest rising star.

Complete with laughing-face emoji, the 26-year-old American wrote: “I’d sub Chimaev easy,” and it’s something which has caused quite a stir among fans.

Chimaev responds

It didn’t take long for Chimaev to take note of Dillon Danis’ challenge and he repsonded in typical fashion.

“I smash you with my eyes closed!!!” the 26-year-old Russian-born Swede replied on Twitter, causing fans on the social media site to go into overdrive, with many calling for a fight between the pair.

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Social media reacts

It’s safe to say that while Dillon certainly has his admirers, Chimaev seems to be the fan-favourite for any potential match-up in this case.

Given the fact that since making his debut in 2018, Danis has fought just twice (partly thanks to a knee injury), fan opinion is very much in Chimaev’s corner, especially as in his two years in UFC, he’s fought and won eight times, the two most recent of which coming just 10 days apart.

It didn’t take long for fans to point out Danis’ inferior record, with one Twitter user writing: “Khamzat fought the same amount of times you did in 2 years in 10 days.”

Meanwhile, another fan told Chimaev to pay Danis no attention: “Don’t give him attention. He always beg for attention.”

And finally, this Chimaev fan summed up how they thought a fight between the pair would go in gif form:

Danis’ and Chimaev’s Twitter beef comes after the latter defeated Rhys McKee and John Phillips in the space of just 10 days.

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