Next month is exciting for the Animal Crossing New Horizons community as Nintendo is releasing their second summer update wave. We don’t know what this wave will implement, but if it’s anything like the first then fans are in for a treat. However, as per usual, next month will also see a bunch of critters depart from your island, and here you’ll discover all the fish and bugs leaving in August for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Nintendo’s first summer update wave finally gifted Animal Crossing New Horizons players with the ability to swim and dive. This also gave the community a new visitor named Pascal, and gave players an assortment of sea creatures to catch to add to Blather’s museum.

But, away from swimming and diving, below you’ll discover all the fish and bugs that are leaving in August.

Fish leaving in August for New Horizons

The only fish leaving Animal Crossing New Horizons at the beginning of August is Tadpole.

This means that throughout August you’ll be able to catch all of the fish – bar one – that were available in July.

Tadpole is the only one departing from the Northern hemisphere, meanwhile there are no departures to report for the Southern.


Bugs leaving in August for Animal Crossing

The only bug leaving Animal Crossing New Horizons once August starts is Honeybee.

Honeybee is the only bug leaving the Northern hemisphere of Animal Crossing New Horizons in August, and again there’s nothing to report for the South.

All of this means that – unlike prior months – there’s only two departures for the North and nothing for its downward brother.

The above information comes courtesy of Animal Crossing Fandom.

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